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Gift Bag

If you’re a first-time visitor, simply fill out a connection card found in the back of our pews, and after the sermon concludes, bring it to the podium in the back where one of our Deacons will give you a gift bag. Included will be a complementary Bible, information booklet about our church, and more! If you enjoyed your time with us, pass the information booklet on to a friend so they can learn more about us as well!

What to Wear

At Washington Heights Grace Brethren Church, the attire is casual, but respectable. Not even our pastors wear suits, but we aren’t slobs either.


We are a relatively small church, and we hope you’ll see that as a good thing like we do. This isn’t a place where no one will notice you’re here. We won’t embarrass you during the service, but don’t be surprised if one of our members says hi to you and wants to get to know you more before or after the gathering.

What About My Kids?

If you read more on our website, you’ll see that your kids are taken very seriously here. We know that they’re capable of learning. We put a massive emphasis on the family and the role of the parents as the primary spiritual leaders and teachers of children, and that is why we won’t pry them from your side so they can color and have a snack while you learn. Instead, you’ll stay together and learn together as a family so you can grow together as a family. Our pastors don’t mind preaching with a little noise, but if you’re not comfortable with the amount of noise your child is making, we’ve got you covered. Downstairs, there’s a nursery that you can go to until your little one is all taken care of.

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